Returning to the Online Roots

I’ve had an account on SFF net for a decade or so. At times I’ve been highly active on there, but I went over a year between instances of logging on. Last year I had several blowups with other denizens of the service and just took a timeout that didn’t stop. Over the weekend I set up the laptop with MT-Newswatcher and logged back on. It seems like a few of the regulars are gone but a lot of the people are still there.

An interesting thing happened over that year. Dueling Modems, a similar sister service, seems to be in trouble. There was a chunk of activity based on people leaving DM for, which is ironic because both services were formed out of the exodus of people leaving the Science Fiction Roundtables on GEnie. When I got my first computer and my first modem, I joined up on GEnie and found myself interacting with a big chunk of the writers and well known fans in the SF and Fantasy communities. Ahh, the days. There was something special about it, mostly due to that critical mass of interesting people. In a lot of ways, most of my online activity since then has been chasing that kind of moment.

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