Popularity Contest It Is

I added in the sidebar the results of the Popularity Contest WordPress plugin. If you look at a category, month or year view you’ll see the most popular posts that fit those criteria. Otherwise, you’ll see the most popular of all time. All time I tell you!!

Actually, there is a three-way split in the distribution. When I first fired this up, all the most popular posts were the ones with lots of comments and trackbacks. Today, it is all the ones that are on the front page right now. Anything that doesn’t fit one of those two is pretty far down the list. Over time this will even out but it will take a month or three for the all time posts to make any sense. I like it, though. It seems neat and like the post I made yesterday, all those SEO tool plugins all have the same laudable goal, making it easier for someone that finds your blog by accident to get to material that might interest them.

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