ATM for Books

A coworker IM’d me this link to an “ATM for books”, an on demand kiosk for printing and selling you books while you wait. Interestingly enough, our lunchtime conversation included me talking about the possibilty of book distribution incorporating POD to a great extent. Rather than ordering more obscure books, I suggested, there would be a lot of value in being able to place the order at B&N, go get a latte at the cafe and come back in 10 minutes to get that book. Not only does that exist, but looks like it will finally be commercially available in some reasonable scale. I first started dealing with eBooks and POD in 1998 and have watched the industry fail to take off ever since. It’s kind of frustrating, like watching a kid with a lot of potential drop out of school. Let’s hope this industry begins to self-actualize soon.

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