Mozilla Upgrades

The releases that Mozilla released over the last few days had the delightful side effect of breaking web pages in the product we do at the day job. It’s been a crazy 24 hours, I can tell you. For those who care about such things (geekery alert), the issue appears to be related to the order that JavaScript statements are executed during an XSL transformation. In our case, we had some JavaScript which was free in the page that sets up some resources. Previously, there was no problem with this but beginning with and we saw that those statements failed, apparently because the resources they required hadn’t been loaded yet at the time they were executed. We tried wrapping those statements in a function and calling that from the onLoad handler and everything started working again. Just a heads up for those of you who do this kind of thing. We might be an edge case by doing all of this JavaScript stuff as the last step of an HTML that doesn’t actually exist until the XML is transformed to it.

Here is my writeup of the issue in the newsgroup. Friends, I am tired!

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