Rosie v. Trump

Quote overheard on the Craig Ferguson show, about this Rosie O’Donnell thing with Donald Trump.

I’m trying not to take sides, but it’s hard. Rosie is like America’s plain-talking lesbian sweetheart, and Trump is like America’s forked tongue publicity whore.

We saw the promos for the Apprentice in LA. Wow, it looks really bad. I mean, bad even by the baseline of the previous seasons. I predict this one will be the lamest one yet, not only critically but that viewers will collectively stifle a yawn and find better viewing. Which will turn out to be, well, anything else.

Update: Just so we’re clear, a lot of people seem to be commenting on this so I thought I should state explicitly that I don’t give a good goddamn about either Rosie or Trump. I think they are both full of themselves and both full of shit. Rosie is a JV Oprah wannabee and Trump is a boring scumbag. I only blogged what I thought was a funny joke from Ferguson. Their feud means nothing to me, and if they locked in pertual mortal combat in a cave beneath New Mexico never to be heard from again that would be fine with me.

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10 thoughts on “Rosie v. Trump”

  1. Tilted Edge says:

    Both of their agents are loving this. You like the view more Dave? I urge everyone to stop watching television. Good shows are rare, commercials frequent and there are many reruns. It’s a bad value. I watch a couple hours a week of free over the air television. That is what it is worth. There are plenty of alternatives that are way better and cheaper than cable television.

  2. PJ Cabrera says:

    TV sucks more every year. I catch my TV through bittorrent, either cuz my dear ol’ dad won’t add a channel with the show I want when he’s not going to watch it, or because it comes in a channel package with other channels he won’t watch, or because our cable carrier just doesn’t have it (for example, Star Trek Enterprise was only on UPN, which was a Dish Network “exclusive.”)

    Anyhow, in the last few seasons, I notice the actual minutes of episode video is dwindling. bittorrented TV is usually commercial free, which leads me to believe the networks, cable or broadcast, are selling more 30-second or 1-minute spots than before. We are getting screwed, cuz the networks’ real customers are the advertisers, not the watchers (the watchers don’t pay the networks a dime, the advertisers do.) In the networks’ eyes, we’re there simply to be fleeced.

  3. Tilted Edge says:

    The argument came about after Trump forgave Miss Nevada for under aged drinking.

    I find it highly ironic that a 20 year is not allowed to drink but she would be old enough to go to Iraq and become another of George Bush’s human sacrifices.

    Beauty contests are totally ridiculous. There is too much emphasis on physical beauty and it creates a lot of eating disorders and makes women sexual objects. Beauty is subjective anyway. That’s why I would not watch any award show. I know my favorite movie or music would not not ever win and I’ve seen women who are more attractive than these dolled up stuck up beauty contestants. Miss Nevada would be wise to tell Trump he’s fired and get on with her career in modeling before she’s too old for societies ridiculous expectations.

  4. David Jacobs says:

    You suck, no YOU suck. no *YOU* suck. Guys, you BOTH suck. I’ve got better things to focus on.

  5. Tilted Edge says:

    It’s rather trivial but I see nothing wrong with giving a beauty queen a second chance. Perhaps Rosie has a problem with attractive women.

  6. jeff says:

    TV sucks: True
    Good shows are few and far between: True
    Commercials are too plentiful: True

    That’s why about 2 years ago, I bought SageTV, which is like a “TiVO” for your computer. You pump it out to your TV set, and … well, its TV.

    Records up to 3 shows at once, automatically skips commercials. You see, I just add about 7 or 8 shows that I like (PBS Frontline; Conan O’Brien; Wide Angle; BBC News Nightly; The Office; etc).

    Then every night, when I get home, my computer just has a little selection of shows for me:

    “Would you like to watch that Conan O’Brien from last night when you fell asleep? Or maybe the Frontline about the resurgence of the Taliban, from when you were at work? I’ll show you all of them, but never a single commercial”

    I never “surf” around through crummy shows, wading through crap. I’ve always got *good* programming waiting for me, categorized and presented through an easy pretty looking menu. (And NO, I do not work for SageTV… there’s another product (if you don’t run Windows) called MythTV, which is almost as good, from what I hear)

    No commercials, and TV as good as you want it (you choose whats on, at any time of day or night!)

    I only heard about the Rosie and Trump thing because Trump happened to appear on Conan last night. Otherwise, I would have been BLISSFULLY unaware, I assure you.

    Well … back to being blissful!

  7. ja prufrock says:

    Tilted, get the story straight – Rosie NEVER said nor implied that Ms Nev should not be “forgiven,” she merely stated (rather brashly!) that cheater Donald was an odd “morality” monitor of 20 yr old females (as The Don once commented, he’d like to date his sexy daughter Ivanka but for their unfortunate blood ties…)

  8. Tilted Edge says:

    Some people (not me) would say Rosie’s behavior is immoral. Actions matter not thoughts! I would say that people should argue the facts and not use personal attacks when they disagree with another person. In the end the owner of the pageant decides. Let Rosie buy a beauty pagent and make the desition if she doesn’t agree. How imoral is under aged drinking? Are you going to tell me that Rosie didn’t drink when she was under aged? That is very funny Mister ja prufrock.

  9. tweety ta says:

    It didn’t take long for Rosie to find her match. Trump is definitely not wrong to speak up. It seems to me as if Rosie thinks The View is her show, it’s not. It once belonged to Barbara. But that was before Rosie came along and being the bully, she pushed the leader aside. Surely the other two hostess have opinions of Rosie but they keep their jobs by not commenting. How long do you think it will take before Rosie steps into another pile of shit? She’s negative and feels the need to overspeak all the rest. It’s not very entertaining Barbara. Your show and your reputation deserves better. Remember Barbara, if YOU find her offensive to often to others . . . then she probably is!!!

  10. dave says:

    I’m closing comments on this post because I just don’t care to host the discussion about who is right or who is better. They are both idiot scumbags that I don’t give a shit about, so you Rosie partisans and you Trump partisans take it somewhere else. Anywhere else is fine with me.

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