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CC Chapman was kind enough/cruel enough to tag me with this meme for laying out 5 little known facts about yourself. So, since it is CC I guess I have to do the damn thing. It’s taken me a few days, what with the holidays and all.

1. Like CC, I am also a published poet.
2. My favorite film of all time is George Romero’s Knightriders. The time I met Tom Savini and told him that fact, he was a complete dick about it.
3. I started social engineering young. In my little town in Kansas, the arcade/restaurant in town would give you 2 tokens for every A and 1 for every B on your report card. I’d talk a group of the smart girls into going over there with me, and I bought them all root beer floats in exchange for their report card tokens. I’d spend a few bucks for the drinks and in return would end up with between 50 and 100 tokens. These skills would later serve me well as a radio show producer where talking people into things is the primary task.
4. The town I live in now is the birthplace of William Gibson.
5. When I was in college at Georgia Tech, GWAR played a rush party at my fraternity house. I was their chaperone on a trip around the block to try to drum up a crowd for the show. That trip around the block required a stack of letters of apology to other fraternities and to sororities that were the recipient of some malevolent GWAR attention.

Dang, that was difficult! I don’t know if any of it was interesting, but it is indeed all true.

Update: Whoops, I forgot to tag others with this awful burden. How about my brother James Slusher, Michael Geoghegan, Susan Kitchens, Chris Campbell and Chris Cooper. I’d hate to be a leaf on this tree rather than a node.

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