Google Reader Boned?

It seems like Google Reader has taken a dump for the holidays. I can’t load the page in my browser, and I had to take the widget off my site because it was preventing the page from loading. That kind of sucks. I was beginning to treat it as an essential part of my online life, but if it is going to get flakey then that is a problem. I’d switch back to looking at news via NetNewswire but I’ve added and subtracted a lot of subscriptions lately, so I’ll be looking at an older version of my list. I have to wait for it to come back up to export my current list via OPML. Come on, Google. Aren’t you supposed to be the top of this game?

Update: Apparently it was just me. I shut down Firefox and restarted and magically it worked again. False alarm on my part.

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  1. Hey Dave, just chiming in that I read this post on Google Reader so it’s not broken for everybody. Not terribly helpful, sorry.

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