Today’s Podzinger Hilarity

I subscribe to a number of vanity feeds from Technorati and Feedster, et al. This is mainly because I have a lot of vanity. I also do a few on Podzinger. It turns up references to myself in people’s spoken content on podcasts and vlogs. It’s good that it finds things for me that I wouldn’t otherwise know about, but some of its results are hilarious. They are weirder than running things through Babelfish a few times. Here’s what it found in my PME talk.

[0:00:01] … media expo in September 2006 in Ontario, California. It’s a presentation by Dave slasher entitled immature means you do it for love from the GigaVox media network. This is Michael go taken from GigaVox media. …
[0:01:11] … that’s. And I want to thank everyone for coming my name is Dave Fletcher and I am kitty quick buck completely please. So let me get this going as. If you foul line might show ..

Like I say, good that it finds anything but man is it weird sometimes.

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4 thoughts on “Today’s Podzinger Hilarity”

  1. I’m going to have to relisten to that just to figure out what the hell I actually said. I hadn’t even bothered to download this yet, which is a little silly since I ought to hang on to an archive copy of it.

    And yes, I am kitty quick but modest about it.

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