Happy New Year

May this year be better than the last.

I’ve been pretty low key for the whole of the holidays, not a lot of blogging and no podcasting. I just have been loping it in, really. It’s hard to believe this is my 10th day off of work. It really doesn’t feel like it. Of course, house guests and holiday travel don’t feel quite as much like vacation as they could, and I spent Friday and a little of Saturday steam cleaning all the carpets in the house which ain’t a lot of fun. Today might involve a little recording. Since everything was gone from the floor of my office, that was problematic to do a new episode of the show.

I did do some reading and watch a lot of movies over this time. Maybe I’ll post a wrap-up here shortly. I had visions of high productivity in the last couple of days, and that pretty much didn’t happen. I’ll settle for getting the batteries recharged so I can come out roaring in 2007.

Happy new year everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. Happy New Year dave and to all. Take this time to hang loose! (and as a UCLA Bruin all I can say is Go Michigan — aka Beat SC!)

  2. happy new year – day 11 off for me dave, mostly went boarding w/ the yuts, snow wasn’t great but we had fun as usual…

    keeping w/ the bowl theme of the first commenters – go trojans, go home wolverines šŸ˜‰

  3. Muy prospero aƃĀ±o nuevo, to my podcast buddy Dave! (How’s that for bilingual, LOL!)

    And where the hell are the hispanic footballers when you need ’em? Thanks guys, for making me look bad by not keeping with the theme. šŸ™‚

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