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Here’s an odd contradiction from Scoble in a very short time, less than 12 hours. First, he hates the 5 things meme and the superhero quiz (both of which were blogged here) and today he says he loves that you can blog whatever you like. Uhhh, dude, I for one was doing just that when you weren’t happy with our subject choices. That’s life, baby. I’m just doing what I want here, I have no particular obligation to be particularly profound at any given time. To me the value of blogging is that I can talk deeply about what makes life worth living, and then an hour later about the various effects of red kryptonite. This is, like, very similar to how my conversations go in real life, so if blogs are to be a conversation why should they be distributed differently than my literal conversations? Sorry Robert, one of your two positions is all wet. Which one is your call. I support your right to blog them all though, as long as that’s what you want to be writing.

I had taped this thing on Sundance called “Blog Wars” which is about the political blogosphere. I watched about 5 minutes of it then deleted the damn thing. I found that I just didn’t care enough to devote an hour to that show. I lean left (hard sometimes, gently other times) but I don’t worship Markos Moulitsos and Duncan Black. I don’t read them regularly and seldom bother to follow links to them. The only overtly political blog I follow at all is Avedon Carol’s Sideshow. I’m happy to let her sift through the left (and right) blogosphere for me and pick out the gems, that way I don’t have to read either. I found the lefties on the documentary smarmy and and self-congratulatory and the righties repugnant and hateful. I vaguely recognized a lot of the names as ones I suppose I should know but I don’t. There is received wisdom that people read the political blogs to reinforce their political views. I don’t read any of them, really.

I’m not sure where all this is headed, and again that’s part of the attraction. This is how we’ll be running 2007 around here, compadres.

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10 thoughts on “What to Blog About”

  1. You missed the sarcasm in that post about the five things. I just found it interesting how everyone felt impelled to answer that meme and was getting bored with the answers.

    Hey, I’m a bundle of contradictions! 🙂

    Keep writing whatever makes you happy. If you do, you’ll find you have some contradictions too. It’s impossible to be human without contradictions.

  2. Whoops, forgot to hit “submit” before I went to bed:

    I reread your post and I don’t get the sarcasm but what the hey. Are you saying you were bored with the answers or the people blogging it were? Me personally, I like talking about myself. That’s part of why I do this. Is it surprising that people find “tell me about yourself” something they want to do? It’s the simplest way possible to handle cocktail chat.

    Sure, we all have contradictions but I try to space them out a little more in time and space.

  3. Hey Julien, I read your post and am with you right down the line, including your manifesto and almost all the comments as well. Fight the power, daddyo!

  4. I don’t personally see the contradiction. I read both posts and see one thing that says, god I wish those stupid things would go away, and another that says you can blog what you like. What’s the contradiction?

    I hope to never hear another gangsta rap song in my life. I wish they would go away. I also think they should be free to make them. Is that a contradiction?

    I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. -Voltaire

  5. You don’t see the contradiction? Between “I’m glad I get to say whatever I want” and “I don’t like it when you get to say whatever you want” it seems fairly obvious to me.

  6. Unrelated to the contradiction thread, thanks for the Avedon Carol link, Dave. I was trying to figure out how to get rid of many of political blogs from my reader without losing touch completely…it seems like a good choice for that.

    Happy New Year! BTW…I just caught up on your shared links feed, and much good stuff there. Pinger looks VERY cool.

  7. Blogging is saying whatever you want. Chances are at least one person besides you would be interested in reading it. I blog about life generally and the things that happen in my band. Its a sort of log of our history in case we make it big. There will be some record of what started where. I don’t really care if anyone reads it (although it would be nice. I have just two comments, one was a pingback) but its just a record.
    That is contradiction though, although maybe i should read the whole post. Ok I’ll do that now.

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