Oddly Fancy Days

This week, the short week following 10 days off, has been odd in many ways. The major difference is that we’ve been staying down in Litchfield while my wife and her colleagues run a professional meeting. It’s really damned strange to be staying in a hotel in a fancy part of town, but still getting up and going to your ordinary job. Leaving your job and heading straight to a hotel seems kind of like what people do on TV when they are having affairs. Eating out every night in Litchfield or Murrels Inlet seems decadent and is definitely outside of our normal culinary choices. Even on vacation, I doubt we ever have this density of nice restaurants. It is very nice down here and I can see why the late great Mickey Spillane chose this area as the place to spend the majority of his life. If I were one of the best-selling authors of the 20th century, I might well do it too.

Luckily for us, the weather is warm and looking beautiful today. It was originally forecast to be clear in the week and rainy today but it seems to have turned out the opposite. We might even find ourselves at Huntington Beach State Park later on. I love the place, but it is far enough of a haul from the house that we don’t go to it regularly. Typically we end up there when entertaining out-of-towners, which is pretty much what today is.

Even though I have no responsibilities here other than as an occasional gofer or lifter of things, I’m ready to head back to the house. Fun is fun, but I just feel itchy for sleeping in my own bed.

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