The Referrals are Back

I put in my hack to the BDP Referral Tracker and now the list is back in the sidebar again. Since unmodified the plugin uses resources poorly enough to bring down my box, this is the only way I know how to run it reasonably. It’s not perfect, but it rebuilds that list once an hour and uses the cache the rest of the time. I still don’t like how the list is completely filled with Google links. I’m thinking about removing them from the list.

The plugin has three settings – save the full link, save the URL minus parameters, or just the domain name. I’d like to get one entry in the count for all google links, but if I set it in the middle then it breaks the URL for a lot of blogs. I dunno. Maybe I’ll take that hit anyway, just to make the list more reasonable. I’m still in fiddle mode on this.

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