God (Slight Return)

In early 2005 around the time of the second anniversary of my father’s suicide, I recorded the single rawest episode of this podcast – “Why I Don’t Believe in God”. Hard to believe that it’s been as long since I recorded that as the time of the death to that recording. I considered rescinding the Creative Commons license for that episode because I wasn’t sure I wanted people dicking around with something so deeply personal and important to me, not to mention painful. I sucked it up and let it ride anyway.

It turned out that keeping the license as is was the correct call. This show led Richard “Madge” Bluestein to do an amazing show mixing me and Lenny Bruce (?!). Another reuse was what Tom Lyberg did at Wired Jesus Podcast. He turned my show into two episodes replaying and responding to mine, essentially a distributed conversation on the space telephone. I listened to the first part, but never actually have been able to listen to the second. It’s just too hard. That’s the only show of mine that I have never listened back to, and I couldn’t listen to Tom’s either.

Tom has republished those shows as reruns recently. The concept is a little odd in podcasts, because it’s not like you have airtime to fill. Still, I highly recommend all of these episodes, Richard’s and Tom’s. Thanks for being respectful of this material and for not making me regret the CC license.

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father.

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  1. I love the fact that the CC licence has proven a use that you could never have hoped for, and I think that’s wonderful, no matter the emotive background to the actual cast.

    Just wanted to add a note on the ‘re-run’ concept. I’m actually in agreement with Tom on the need, for one main reeason In my experience, about half the people who join a new podcast only grab the most recent show, and work forward from there. Most of the other half will download all the files in the RSS feed, but no more. It’s a rare person who delves back into the archvies. Most archive views come from (IMO) search engines and built in Flash players on the permalinked shows.

    So if there is excellent material, why not point it out n the feed to new listeners. About a year ago I started pulling out single music tracks from old TPN Rock Shows to create TPN Rock Again, wher I highlight one band I played a long time ago that still deserve attention. Its a five minute long cast (compared to the 35-40 minute rgular shows), it provides a great service, and the listeners love it.

    Remember, the only rules are what we decide!

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