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James Patrick Kelly emailed me to let me know he was taking my name in vain in his column for Asimov’s magazine a while ago. It must have been a very long time ago, because the column was published last spring but I never noticed it until I caught an inbound referral to it.

The story he tells is absolutely true. I all but begged him to podcast his stories, since he already had professionally produced MP3s of him reading them. All he needed was a little XML and it was ready to go (that, and verifying this his hosting plan could handle it without costing him a fortune.) He said he’d look into it and that was that. He could have got the drop on everyone. Similarly, Michelle Malone could have easily been the first musician to do her own show if she had followed my advice when I first interviewed her. Why don’t people listen to me? I talk not the shit.

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3 thoughts on “Jim Kelly on Podcasting”

  1. “Why don’t people listen to me? I talk not the shit.”

    Dave, Dave. Tsk, tsk! Don’t beat yourself up about it! This is just good ol’ fashioned inertia on these fine folks’ part. Their inaction does not reflect on you a bit.

    Keep walking the walk and talking the talk, and more people will see that you do not talk the shit. But it may be a while before everybody knows. And even more time may pass before everybody does as their knowledge tells them. 🙂

    It’s our job as evangelists and techno-whackjobs to get people moving forward. But we can’t make them. The sooner we accept that, the happier we can be, and the sooner our blood pressure stops trying to kill us.

  2. PJ, JPK even agreed in principle it was a good idea at the time but he just never pulled the trigger. I was really just joking. I was never that worried about it.

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