GTD Restart Part Two

Last weekend, I underwent my reboot of my GTD system. I finally tackled my grotesquely large inbox from when I had assembled it in August, and completely processed it. That’s right kids, my inbox is empty. I also went back and got my email inbox effectively to zero. It’s at 6, which is close enough for rock and roll. Thus after five months, I’m at step 0 of fully implementing a GTD system.

A huge load is now off my shoulders and for the first time since this all began, I feel like that calm zen state is possible. I’m not oppressed by a disorganized mass of stuff that needs my attention (most of which didn’t at all, but you can’t tell that when it’s all in the same pile.) I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning, when I will get up and do a daily review before I jump in to the day. We’ll see how this goes. As always on this topic, wish me luck. Or discipline, whatever works.

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2 thoughts on “GTD Restart Part Two”

  1. Good luck.


    Good discipline.

    I’m envious. I’m in a similar situation to what you’ve been in the past several months. Part of my issue is that I’m not even sure where all the piles are. 🙂

  2. dave says:

    Thanks, Michael. It definitely feels better to have cleared some piles and having an inbox that is now not spilling over. I plan on not letting up and periodically finding hidden rat’s nests of stuff and putting them back in the inbox to be processed and handled better all over again.

    I’m at this point that feels near a tipping point. I hope to fall over on the side where I’m doing a bang up job via GTD but one mustn’t get complacent.

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