Mike Fisher and Goofaman Productions

I’ve been lucky to have just randomly met a lot of interesting people while living my life. This post is about a guy I met in a comics shop in Augusta GA when I was a teenager. His name is Mike Fisher and he’s the mastermind behind Goofaman Productions. For those of you who read The Comics Buyer’s Guide in the 1980s he is also the cartoonist behind 3D Pete. I keep up with him in fits and starts, sometimes going a few years between conversations.

Last summer when I still watched Attack of the Show, Chris Gore was doing his “DVDuesday” segment about things he picked up at the San Diego Comics Con. As he was wrapping up, he recommended a DVD of short cartoons from Goofaman Productions. I perked up and said, “Damn, isn’t that Fisher?” I went and checked the website and sure enough it is. I bought one of everything he sells. I have some of the issues of 3D Pete’s Big Orbit Comics from the mini-comic days so I figured what the hell, might as well try to round out the collection. I also have a bunch of XMas cards with Pete on them from years when Mike drew them.

Last night we watched all the cartoons on the DVD except for “A City of Flimjees”. We’ve seen that one before as Mike was nice enough to send it to us on VHS tape a few years back. I liked them all, but definitely the most recent one was the best. In general, year on year each one gets better which is what you want to see. I like the ones with the blue collar space prospectors and explorers. I’ve always had a soft spot for science fiction about people doing their futuristic day jobs. If you are a fan of Channel Frederator type cartoons, you will like these. In fact I’ve encouraged Mike to submit for inclusion in their show. We’ll see how that goes.

Mike has also done some artwork for me through the years, from the t-shirt design back when I did the comedy show for WREK almost 20 years ago to the logo for the Reality Break radio show. He’s done something for me for the upcoming “Super Secret Project X”, about which I’ll post more when your clearance level allows for it, citizen. I’m not shilling for Mike merely because he’s my friend, but because I dig his work. I’m a fan, paying customer and I highly recommend his cartoon collection DVD.

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