4 thoughts on “The Nerdy Side of a Breakup”

  1. Real sysadmins would have directly edited /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow. Unless, of course, the SO existed on multiple systems. Then, we’re talking about a little script wrapper that executes “ssh root@$(host} userdel megan”. I suppose one could execute a little sed command to directly edit the files over the ssh connection, but that’s a sharp axe to wield.


  2. Ken, I know this is what you do for a living and all but this is kind of a buzz kill comment. Would that really have worked in a cartoon?

    Of course, we are spending Saturday night leaving comments on a blog so there’s a meta-nerdiness at play.

  3. Actually, the cartoon was a riot as it was. vi isn’t particularly humorous.
    If the affair is really over, the use of the -r and -f options to userdel would have underscored the finality. Extreme prejudice mode, and all that.


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