GTD Update, January Edition

That’s right, I’m cool. I’m spending my Saturday night blogging about GTD. Oh yeah! Here’s where I stand, because inexplicably people seem to be interested in how this turns out for me.

Two weeks ago I did my belated initial processing of my giant inbox. It made a huge difference in the tidiness of my office space and as expected, it radically transformed my experience while I am in there. Rather that being kind of stressed by piles of things that need my attention, I am able to work calmly without the free floating anxiety. I’ve been keeping up well with the Hipster PDA and have been using it to drive my priorities on a day to day basis pretty successfully. I adopted Susan’s idea of increasing my use of colored index cards. For projects that have several cards in the Hipster, I am now using the same color card for all of of them. Previously, I’d only used colored as blank separators between sections but this makes it much easier to find individual cards for those multicard projects.

I am still failing to do my daily reviews every day. I do maybe one or two a week. I have been successfully doing the weekly ones. Thus far, I haven’t let any major balls drop but the irregularity of the daily reviews is a source of stress. I need to got on that to keep the system working at peak. My original plan of doing it immediately after I arise – between starting coffee and pouring the first cup – and then maybe again when I first get home from work seems like a good one.

In the most recent podcast, I coined a term – “productivity priapism” much to the delight of a couple of easily amused listeners. I used it in the context of hoping my GTD implementation became so successful that it led to productivity priapism, starting to become productive and just not being able to stop myself. This morning I started to work on a portion of Super Secret Project X, something on which I just haven’t been making lots of headway. After I did the first small task, I did another and then another. Suddenly I found myself really happy and just cranking on stuff. The logjam felt broken and I got as much done on the project by noon as I’d have been content accomplishing in the whole weekend. This is what I was hoping from GTD, and I got my first taste of it. I hope to move up to full meals of it next.

The online GTD support group has had ups and downs. Several of us posted photos of our before and after inboxes into the Campfire chat, which helps in motivation and attaboys/attagirls as well as self-shaming when you don’t make much progress. We’re far from overwhelmed, so if you want to join up and share your GTD triumphs and tribulations, leave a comment on this post with your email. It doesn’t get published, but I’ll get it.

No let ups from this side, I’m hoping for much more cranking in the next week.

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  1. Dave, I was curious if the GTD “support group” was a private party,
    or are you open to others joining in?

    After all, you were the man to introduce me to GTD and the Hipster PDA…

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