Old-Skool Member for Old-Skool Reasons

Brother Brucie posts about why he doesn’t want to migrate from his Flickr login to Yahoo. I got the same email, although I do have a Yahoo account that I’ve had for a very long time. I have similar concerns without the operational purity of never having had one. The final paragraph contains all the Sterlingian case-crawling tropes one could possibly want:

I don’t gain any benefit by this. Where’s my value proposal? There’s nothing in this proposal for me. You are exploiting your Web 2.0 social muscle and twisting my arm here. Is that FlickR -like behavior? Aren’t you a little ashamed of yourselves? Google would have at least done a few dont-be-evil headfakes around a bald power maneuver like this. No wonder they’re wiping the floor with Yahoo.

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