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From the “I’m always the last one to know” department: I’m a loyal listener of the Onion Radio News podcast. I just found out that one of my favorite cartoonists, P.S. Mueller, is the guy who does the voicing for Doyle Redland. His delivery is really what makes the whole thing work. As funny as the material is, his readings that are so much like a real AM radio reporter sell it. Here’s him on Talk of the Nation talking about it, coincidentally one year ago to the day.

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5 thoughts on “Doyle Redland Reporting”

  1. I really enjoy The Onion podcast too. I send the MP3 link to friends, they always reply with laughter. One of them even quoted from one in an IM the other week.

    I’ve tried to use The Onion podcast as an intro to podcasting to friends, but they don’t quite grok new media just yet.

  2. You should change your post to being the second to the last to know because I always thought that Doyle Redland was a real dude.

    I like the Onion podcast because they are funny more often than not and there was only one episode that I absolutely hated.

  3. Derek, so noted.

    Perhaps this is because it’s my personal hobby horse, but I interpret a lot of it as scathing commentary on the banality of mainstream news. I also like it when it gets completely dada. There’s a lot I love, but one of the recent ones that reduced me to hysterics was the “One Camaro Away From Having it All.” The final line, in dry reportorial style, of “He has identified a used one but the dicklick that is selling it wants $1000 and it doesn’t even have wheels. That’s bullshit!” makes me fall out of my chair.

  4. I remember cracking up at that one myself. The only one I hated was ‘Dead Child’s Calendar Still Good For 11 Months.’ I thought it was pretty unfunny to say the least. But I’m still subscribed so they’re doing something right.

  5. I’m P.S. Mueller.

    I beg to differ with the gentleman who suggested that Doyle wasn’t a “real dude.” I play Doyle and I am most certainly a real dude. I walk around all dudish 24/7. The only real difference between Doyle and me is that I detest pleated pants. Otherwise, we’re pretty much the same.

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