Super Sunday

When I was a kid, I pretended to care about the Superbowl. I was a misfit on enough fronts that I just went with the flow and didn’t fight this American tradition. Once I grew up and gained a little more self-confidence, I stopped pretending that I care in the slightest. I don’t even like to go to Superbowl parties because I’d rather just be at a party where I can talk to my friends rather than have to pay attention to this big screen TV.

In years past, we would treat this as a day that we basically had our run of the city. In Atlanta, we’d go to a movie and eat at The Cheesecake Factory in Buckhead or something like that. In Myrtle Beach however, that dynamic doesn’t really exist. In February without the crush of tourists, basically nothing is that crowded. Today we don’t even have any plans whatsoever. We might end up doing miscellaneous work, perhaps watch a movie on our DVR or otherwise just chilling. Enjoy your day, all you NFL fans – committed fans and those who are a fan for just today.

About a month until pitchers and catchers report. Then I’ll get interested in sports again.

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7 thoughts on “Super Sunday”

  1. It’s nice that you will be enjoying your day doing something you like and not faking that you like the Super Bowl or watching just to see the commercials. I am one of those NFL fans. I will be watching the game like I have been since 1983. After the game my sports watching end until September. I could care less about any pitchers and catchers, but that’s just me.

  2. Every time I hear the term “pitchers and catchers report” I get a little misty eyed.

    Baseball is a game where every single catch, every single throw, every single swing, seemingly insignificant events, turn into an epic struggle of heros and villians. It’s a game where if a man only fails to hit 6 out of 10 times at the plate, he becomes the stuff of legend. The game itself becomes a metaphor for life and how each of the small things you do add up to success or failure.

    Football doesn’t do that for me. The Superbowl itelf only means something to me in that I hope my Father-in-law hits some of his squares in the office pool because he likes to share his winnings.

  3. dave, have you seen Ken Burns’s Baseball series? If not, you should. Spring training is around the corner, hang in there.

  4. It sounds a bit mundane, but it was a great night to get my food shopping out of the way. For once, there was no line at the deli counter.

    It’s funny being one of the few ‘males’ in the supermarket who doesn’t really mind being there. The cashier even asked me is I realized that I was missing the game. It’s amazing to me that people could me so puzzled by the concept of a non-footbal fan.

  5. About an hour ago, I got back from a pub, where a friend asked me and other friends to join him for a few brews and feetsball. I was glad to get out, and I hadn’t seen this group of friends in over six months. It seemed like a good idea.

    Now that it’s over, I’m with you: as an activity with friends, it sucked: so crowded we couldn’t find a table, and so loud we couldn’t really talk. Three of the guys were more into the game than in hanging. They would have been just as happy had the rest of us not showed up.

    So yeah, why even bother. I went looking forward to enjoy spending time with friends, and didn’t even do that too well. I wouldn’t have gone to the pub otherwise, as I’m not a drinker even in my own home. I’m not even into watching sports! I enjoy *doing* hiking, swimming, and cycling, but watching people do sports as entertainment is something I’ll never understand the appeal of.

  6. I take that back, I can understand the appeal of watching a group of people that have worked and trained hard and see them give their all to win against another group of hard working, hard training people. I’m just not into it as other people are.

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