I Need a New Look

I’m going to put a new template on this blog. Part of the fun of WordPress is the ease with which you can swap out templates, so I’m just going to do it. One thing I really don’t like about the current one is that the text of the blog follows both of the sidebars, so Google finds all that stuff first. Also, after a few years I’m just tired of it.

I’m thinking about using this Vertigo style. We’ll see how it goes. There might be some turbidity as I switch out, update sidebars and stuff like that. Features may come and go at random intervals. It’s a day of blog upheaval, so guard the children and stock up on provisions.

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father.

12 thoughts on “I Need a New Look”

  1. It’s an interesting look but I think the logo is a bit too small in the header. The word “chronicles” is hard to see and the url is illegible.

  2. You know, the logo is the same one that has been up there for two years. Why did no one find it too small until today? I think the ratio of text to logo is also the same, it’s just moved over closer to it. Curious…

  3. The general look and fonts are nice, easy to read. The only bad thing is the 3 columns creates a horizontal scroll bar unless I use a big wide-ass browser size, which I’m not fond of.

  4. Hey Dave:

    Nice digs. One thing about reading blogs via Atom, or RSS (if you must), is that there’s no idea about what the site looks like. Unless comments are to be rendered or there’s a hint of new pictures.

    Tonight, I visited, I viewed, I liked.


  5. Mat, how far is it dangling over? A few pixels or a whole lot? If you could take a screenshot and send it to my gmail account (same one from the email me link up top) I’d appreciate it. I’m thinking about making the text in the sidebars smaller and shrinking them but leaving it the same size on the main column.

  6. Nice theme. I’ve recently changed mine too. Being stuck on wordpress.com seriously limits what you can do but I’m not up to running my own server at the moment.
    I would say that the columns are a bit narrow. Is there any way to move them apart a bit?

  7. I like the new look and the 3 column format; with all the info you have on the page it makes it easier for me to read. Your old narrow sidebar was a bit much for my failing old eyes to scan. I find that clean and feature filled don’t have to be opposed. Color choices are good and I give it a thumbs up. I’ll have to get a list of your plug ins from you !!!

    It must be spring house cleaning time… I finally have made the break from my old Userland software to WordPress at Bitterman and though certain elements of navigation are still not there, it’s a big leap forward. I’m learning more about php than I ever wanted to…

  8. Dom, I’ve tried a few things but my experience in things like this with pre-canned CSS that I don’t personally understand is that it tends to really fragile. I’ve done little bits of tweak here and there. I’d like it to not be limited to 960 pixels wide, for example but when I removed those the whole thing went crazy. So, I can try but I’ll be very ginger about it.

    Aron, glad you like it. One thing I like is that it puts important things up top. Putting some of the stuff from the sidebar into a nav bar at the very top declutters some. In this day and age of WordPress, I’m always surprised at the people who are still on Radio.

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