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People have complained about some of the alignment issues of the columns of the new theme. I went back and replaced all the fixed pixel widths with percentages, so whether your browser window is wide or narrow, it should be reasonable. The padding between columns should also be consistent now. I’ve made it a medium term goal to get rid of all the fixed pixel widths in any web page I’m associated with, just because it’s ridiculous to finally get a computer with a nice wide screen and then all the web pages are fixed at some narrow pixel width that makes them sit in the center of the window like a desert island. Thanks to PJ for pointing out to me that Firebug can also be used as a WYSIWYG CSS editor. That shaves a huge amount of time off of this endeavor.

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father.

6 thoughts on “Theme Tweaks”

  1. Very nice tweaks Dave.
    Just one thing. I sometimes visit your site on a 1024×768 site and the whole page doesn’t fit to the width. It looks like the AdSense stuff doesn’t fit quite to the page.
    Is this a Google thing or a WordPress theme thing?

  2. Looks good to me too.

    I also see the page width overflow that Dom mentions, but it’s just barely over, and all that’s getting chopped is the last word or so of the AdSense ad 🙂

    Firefox 1.5 on Ubuntu.

  3. Georgia, thanks. I know what you mean, I haven’t looked at your site outside of RSS for probably the same amount of time.

    Dom and Chris, at narrow enough browser widths, you’ll see that. I found it impossible to make it use space wisely at large widths and not do that at narrow ones, so I opted to let it hang over a little when narrow. It actually hangs over for me too. I tested this at home where my screen width is 768 and at work where with two spanning monitors it is 1200X3520. This new percentage span works really well almost the entire range, until you drop under 800 or so on width.

    Like Chris points out, losing a word or two of the adsense block isn’t that big a hit. I’m experimenting with their shorter but wider block which also is purported to enter you into a “boutique” situation with the advertisers. I’m always skeptical about adsense claims until the check clears, but I’m trying it.

    But, if Chris is happy that’s a good sign. Getting CDC to sign off on designs is non-trivial. On top of all the width tweaks, I also cranked down the font of the sidebars a little just to deemphasize it versus the main column. I like the effect a lot and now I’m really happy with this theme.

  4. You could have made your logo easier to read if you started with a higher resolution and encoded it as a grayscale jpeg (note there is no color in it). Even at a much higher resolution and with less compression it would still be a smaller file size. than it currently is. The url at the bottom of the image looks very fucked up.

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