Style Council Repeat Offender

Drew teaching CMAN

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Drew sent me this link to a few pictures from their Kentucky trip. This one is the one I like best, because he is either saying “Check out my fine apparel” or perhaps “Check out my ass!” Whichever, I like the photo.

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3 thoughts on “Style Council Repeat Offender”

  1. Mike, very nice! I notice in the photo that all the ladies seem to be smiling at you and all the men scowling. If you had to go one way or the other, I’ll always take that over the flip side.

  2. Dave, whether Drew is showing off his ass or not, his KY buddy isn’t having any of it, he seems to be checking out the fine apparel.

    Speaking of fine apparel, what are your thoughts on AmigoFish t-shirts? 😉 😉

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