More Atlanta Club Memories

My friend Jon blogs more of his Atlanta rock and roll memories. I don’t remember the Bistro, it must have closed before I moved there in 1985. I did, however, get fabulously drunk as an underaged foolio at Margaritaville more than once, usually while local band The Isotopes were playing. It was right there at Spring Street by 14th, and like Jon we noticed when we we stayed in Midtown last year that the building had been torn down. Before that, it must have sat empty for at least a decade. It was some club briefly after Margaritaville, but nothing seemed to say open after the early 90s.

Oh, and Jon, we’re your Valentines. Just a bunch of middle aged people reminiscing about empty buildings and parking lots.

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  1. I still shed a little tear every now and then for Dante’s Down the Hatch. It burned down in 2000. It had decent live blues, at least the times I went there while consulting in Atlanta.

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