The Rev. Dan Tripp sent me mail about this Mozilla plugin that will turn GMail into an engine for GTD. It’s called, appropriately enough, GTDGMail. It looks pretty cool, although I don’t think it will work for me. I made the decision that I wanted an offline solution but for those of you who are looking for something like this, have at it. Dan found it from this weblog, just to keep the chain of custody pure.

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3 thoughts on “GTDGMail”

  1. PJ Cabrera says:

    I tried GTDMail last month. It can print out 3×5 cards of your next actions. So it is usable offline, if you want to waste ink, which was the deal killer for me. Otherwise it is a good GTD tool. But it’s the only GTD tool I’ve tried, so I have nothing to base the “good GTD tool” than my own feel for it.

    I started GTDing last summer, with a Hipster PDA, a Palm TX, and iCal on my PowerBook. I’m in my second reading of the book, and third listening of the DRM-removed iTunes version of the audiobook

    Aside: I always removed the DRM from my iTunes purchases, even though I own an iPod and not some other Apple-DRM-challenged media player. I do it just on the hacker principle of wanting to be able to play whatever media I have bought on whatever hardware I own.

    I should post that how-to on the Uplifter wiki, which I must start doing again. Sorry for falling off the cart.

  2. PJ Cabrera says:

    I just remembered something…

    I recently learned to make my own 80% post-consumer recycled paper from my own shredded paper waste. I should also post that how-to on the Uplifter wiki.

    But the printer manufacturers are gouging us on ink costs, and I refuse to play their game if I can help it. So after trying GTDMail, I just went back to my “normal” GTD methods, as the offline part wasn’t as useful as I had hoped.

    It takes me more time to write on a single 3×5 card than it takes my printer to print my whole week of next actions, but the cost over time is much higher. 100 ballpoint pens are cheaper than a single ink cartridge, and last over 1000 times as long.

  3. jane ward says:

    I’m looking for an offline solution as well. Have you found one that works for you – as well concieved as the GTDGmail?

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