Peking Acrobats

Tonight we went out to campus and saw the Peking Acrobats. It was pretty amazing that the same people were able to do these amazing gymnastics, tumbling, juggling and balance acts. There were a few moments that I was sure I was 3 seconds from watching a tragedy unfold, but maybe that was part of the act. There was a point where a guy was on top of a stock of 8 chairs that were sitting on four bottles, and he was balancing on a tilted chair holding himself up by one hand. It kind of made you look for the wires, but no, they are just that strong. It was a pretty amazing evening so if you have a chance to see them, I recommend it highly.

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  1. A terrific show. Incomparable beauty. I show the show in Melbourne Florida originally. Liked it so much I drove up to Jacksonville 3 days later to see it again. I really envy those skillful young performers. Hope to see them again some day.

    By the way, The Palm Beach Post posted some extraordinarily beautiful photographs of their performance there.

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