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Over on my AmigoFish project blog, I’ve posted about some new features. You can now see and search across individual episodes! Additionally, when you look at any series it will include information about all the episodes the system knows about. All that data was already in the database, so it made sense to make it available to users. Check it out and let me know how it works for you. There are certainly tweaks to be made in it, but the features are there and live. Feedback is desired to the point of obsession, as always.

Update: Can I be so dumb to have posted without a link? Yes, I could be. Here’s a highly self-involved example of searching on my last name. Try your own name! I’m trying to figure out the best way to represent the data on this first page. Perhaps soon I’ll be adding in a total hit count as well, so there would be a link that says “137 total hits: see more” or something like that. This is first draft UI, as opposted to “permanent beta”. What do y’all think?

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3 thoughts on “AmigoFish Updates”

  1. mike dunn says:

    works good dave, but shouldn’t the episodes be sorted from newest to oldest or some other sort option – seems random as presented (which might be the case)…

    i tried “on digital media” which should show you want i saw…

  2. dave says:

    It was doing it by “relevance”, or goodness of the matching function. Now the items, both in the search landing page and the item pages are in date order. You like?

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