How to Celebrate Black History Month, For Those Who Aren’t Black

This just barely sneaks in under the wire, but I just ran across this from Baratunde of the Front Porch Podcast. He did a series of seven short (like a minute or three apiece) podcasts called “How to Celebrate Black History Month, For Those Who Aren’t Black.” Like most of his comedy, this is acerbic and ironic and sarcastic stuff. That’s why I love it.

I’m not sure when my subscription to Front Porch got dropped, but I had been subscribed for a long time. I suspect it might have been in the great Podcatcher Fiasco of 2006. Podcasters who take a long layoff in your shows, here’s a word to the wise. Drop in a little update every month or so, just to keep the feed alive and so that people understand that your show hasn’t disappeared. Contrasted with Scott Fletcher’s term “podfading” for drifting away from your show, call this “podtreading.”

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2 thoughts on “How to Celebrate Black History Month, For Those Who Aren’t Black”

  1. baratunde says:

    thanks for the podfading tip! i had no idea. will try to poke the feed every once in a while. thanks for listening!

  2. dave says:

    Baratunde, no problem. I almost completely randomly found that there were new episodes when I was doing data cleanup on Amigofish. I switched podcatchers last year and I think you got purged in the long layoff between episodes. I’m glad you are back!

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