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I’ve been growing an interest in poker over the last few years. I had watched a little on TV, but I was invited into the beta test of the Games Grid Poker Macintosh client by a QA tester friend of mine. It was a sweet deal, since it cost me nothing to play but I got to keep my winnings. When I first started, there were no winnings despite being one of like 10 players because I had no idea what I was doing and I played almost at random. Over time, I’ve picked up some more info and strategy and worked out a little math so now I can play a little. I continued to play at Games Grid, and worked up to some cash winnings. Now, the online poker world is in turmoil thanks to the US poker legislation. Games Grid decided to no longer allow American players.

One thing about Games Grid is that the same system served as Tony G’s Poker Room, I presume with just a skinned branded client for the Tony G players. So, when they ceased allowing US players there is the problem with what to do with the money. Because this was precipitated (I think) by the problems with Neteller, there was no easy online way to get the money out and for some reason, they were not cutting checks. What was the solution? If you had an account on any of the other major systems and transferred your GamesGrid money to Tony G’s account, he’d use his personal account to get it to you on the other system. Tony gets some heat in the poker world at times, but actions speak loud. This was what I’m sure was a huge pain in the ass for him, having to deal with my silly $11 transfer and those of many others in my kind of situation, but he did it. He should definitely get some credit for that.

As for my game, I play some pretty small stakes but I’m in the green on my career. Recently I played a freeroll that had 2700 people in it and took 2nd place. From a money standpoint it was ridiculous because I played for hours to win $12, but the fun part was beating the 2698 people. Most people in freerolls play like idiots since they lose nothing by going all in on the first hand. I’ve taken to not even playing the first blind level, choosing to let the hotheads flame out before I even pay attention. I think playing the $1 and $2 sit and gos, I have near to a break even money record. I won’t be challenging the biggies anytime but it’s a fun break from the near constant work of recent weeks.

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  1. Chris C. says:

    Funny, I forgot about your poker skillz … right about the time you posted this, I was in the process of winning $20 in my first poker game EVER. Not winning for the first time, playing for the first time. It was pretty funny, since I was the newbie sitting there taking the smartasses’ money. I’m sure it was pure luck, but winning is always fun. Was playing in-real-life with friends and family so that’s cool too.

    But I need to go ahead and play again and lose badly, so I don’t get it in my head that I’m any good at it and start wasting my time playing it online. Like the time I played Guitar Hero at a friends house and SMOKED it the first time out, so they bumped the difficulty up from Easy to Medium (or whatever) and I was crushed like a cigarette butt under a jackboot.

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