Dapper to Edgy

I’m extremely conservative when it comes to upgrading OS’s on my work-a-day machines. That’s why I never upgraded my iBook from 10.3, since I was earning my living on it when 10.4 came out. For similar reasons, I dragged my feet on upgrading my work laptop from Ubuntu Dapper to Edgy. Last night I bit the bullet, took it home and ran the upgrade all evening. It seemed to have worked pretty well. The only downer is that it broke my wifi card since apparently ndiswrapper is broken in Edgy. I like it though, and the support for greater than 512 Mb SD cards is built in now. That’s nice, since that’s how I watch vlogs during my lunch hour. So far, so good.

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2 thoughts on “Dapper to Edgy”

  1. Chris C. says:

    You’re a brave man. There’s no way I’m leaving a stable LTS release like Dapper for a cutting-edge release like Edgy. Things were bad enough with Dapper …

    I will say this, they do seem to have the upgrade process worked out very well. I was really dreading the upgrade from Breezy to Dapper, and it went pretty much flawlessly. I mean, all the stuff I HATE about Thunderbird is still there, but at least it didn’t get worse.

  2. dave says:

    It’s not that dramatic, and I did want to get some functionality from the SD/MMC card reader that didn’t work right in Dapper. I’ve never used Thunderbird, so that’s not an issue for me. I am using Evolution to talk to the work Exchange server and it works like a charm.

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