You Tube Confession

When you IM me your links to YouTube videos, I don’t look at them. When you embed them in your blog posts, I don’t click them. Even when you tell me that they are the most fantastic thing ever, I don’t do it. I hate the interface, I hate the shitty resolution and frame rate of those things. There is pretty much nothing I care about enough to touch YouTube for. I’m willing to subscribe to your RSS feed if I like your show and watch them offline, but I opt out of the whole YouTube craptacular experience. I just plain hate it.

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  1. I hate the shitty resolution too, but I don’t know what other options there are for the average Jane. Are there any that you’d recommend? ’cause I’ve recently started generating my own videos but don’t see another option for embedding them on my site.

  2. I definitely agree that the videos are really poor quality. I don’t understand why. I’ve seen some videos on YouTube and then identical ones in QuicktTime on other sites that are far better. I don’t know why YouTube has to be so poor. On the other hand I have watched some fun stuff on YT that I’ve not seen elsewhere and I’m really glad of it, and I think the site itself is pretty good. I don’t go to YT too often but would probably spend a bit more time there if they improved the quality of the videos. A site that I can’t stand is MySpace. I dislke everything about it including its owners. I just cannot understand the popularity of that site it just irritates the hell out of me and when I hear that people I know have pages there I want to tell them just how frikkin’ lame they are. That Rupert Murdoch owns one of the most popular web sites today and that people flock to it is beyond annoying. That site is horrendeous on all levels.

  3. Mary, is embedability is the important part to you, like with a flash player? If you host the files yourself, you can always just link in to the actual file or use an embed tag (not sure of the syntax off the top of my head.) Just this weekend I got an invite to which seems to do some of this. Maybe Revver, Ourmedia or another of the zillions of video hosting sites can do what you want.

    Tom, Myspace is another site I stop going to. When a band has a link to their Myspace site, I’ll skip that as well. I’m not saying they don’t have good stuff (in large part by their lax policing of copyright infringement), I’m saying it’s a crap-lousy user experience.

    Chris comes in with the “But I’m not touching you!!” maneuver. There’s 5 more links to throw on the pile that I’ll never click.

  4. I don’t live my life in YouTube or any other video site. All I know is when someone sends a link with a URL that starts with, I know the quality of the video with suck, and it’s only recently that I’ve even been able to get sound out of them. If the URL starts with something else, then there is at least some chance it will actually play correctly. YouTube is an anti-brand to me. Why, why, why oh why do most of the people putting video up seem to want it to be hard to get it to play? Just give me a link to the video in some reasonably standard MPEG format and let me download it and play it. Instead it’s always some fancy java/flash/whatever interface and a codec that was just released late last week for certain versions of Windows.

  5. I think half the trouble is how easy it is now to capture short video clips. Most modern phones will have a camera and a video recording function, which gives appaulling quality (as mimicked in a road safety commercial in the UK). Pretty much all digital cameras can do it too, usually better than a mobile. I’m sure youtube’s uploading and converting doesn’t do much to these already less than great videos. And lets not get on to the mic’s. They’re shocking.

  6. Hello, The low quality doesn’t bother me but the short time does. I have been watching some really amazing BBC documentaries on Google Videos that are over an hour long. Really interesting stuff. What it’s like to be inside Iran, Feral Children and more.

  7. I would agree that google video is good. Its good that it scales up to your browser window, and gives you options to download for google video player, ipod, psp, and a few other formats.

  8. Yeah, I don’t get YouTube either. I mean, I understand why it’s popular with the uneducated masses, but I hate it. If I can’t archive something—download it, guarantee that it will be there tomorrow, etc.—then it would be better if it never existed. So I don’t watch it. I don’t click on it.

    Am I the only one who thinks this way?

    Thanks for your post. It makes me feel less lonely in my opinion. 🙂

  9. For getting embeddable, streaming video at high quality, check out They’ve just revised their video quality and it’s pretty nice. They’re still working on it as well and it’ll only be getting better. (Full disclosure, I used to work there.)

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