Beach Walks

Yesterday at lunchtime, I went towards the water and grabbed a quick bite to eat and got a cup of coffee. I then kicked off my shoes, rolled up my pants cuffs and walked on the beach for about half an hour. As a boy who grew up landlocked in Nebraska and Kansas, it seems surreal to me that this is even available to me. It sure is nice to live and work somewhere where it’s so simple to go to the beach that you can do it even if you only have a few minutes to spare for it. It sure makes for an agreeable spring day.

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  1. I so envy you. Last time I was down there I was able to grab some WiFi and for a short while, try out the dream of working from the beach. I’d have to get one of those sealed toughbooks to really pull it off though. Although those $100 kid laptops are supposed to deal with sand or a little water. They also have a daylight-readable screen and built-in wireless. Hmmm.

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