April Fools in the Blogosphere and Podosphere

Luckily for us all, April First is on a Sunday this year. I hope this means we’ll see fewer stupid posts about how Podshow is buying Leo Laporte or how Digg is donating all its revenue to the Vatican or whatever. I can’t remember the last April Fool’s joke I saw that was actually funny or that I really bought for more than 3 seconds. Fingers crossed.

Update: The lucky loser for the first one I saw (there are no winners in this) was Supr.c.ilio.us. It should be noted that this is the least funny post I ever remember seeing on that usually amusing site. I hate this day.

Update #2: Make Magazine is loser #2. Sigh. Meanwhile, Michael Geoghegan echoes my stance.

Update #3: Rogue Amoeba and Scoble too?

Update #4: Sweet god, I was trying to be redonkulous in my original post but Leo Laporte made almost exactly that post except with G4 instead of Podshow.

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One thought on “April Fools in the Blogosphere and Podosphere”

  1. Last year, Coverville had me going for about three songs before I realized that Stairway To Heaven was not a cover. In my defense, I listened to that show about five weeks after it came out. I remember thinking “Wow, somebody fed Brian a load of crap.” before I went back to the beginning of the show and paid attention to the date.

    I also hate April Fools Day because I had to call a co-worker today about the Daylight Saving Time thing and I had to preface the conversation with “This is not an April Fool’s Day gag…”

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