David Honigsberg, RIP

I’m misting up at my desk, having just seen the news that David Honigsberg died last week of a heart attack. Goddamn it all, he was not even 50. I knew him a little bit, having met him at SF conventions a few times  but mostly interacting with him online. He, along with his band the Don’t Quit Your Day Job Players were guests on one of my live Reality Break remotes from Dragon*Con years ago. He remains the only rabbi with whom I’ve ever ridden in the bed of a pickup truck and played softball, a founding member of the Double Breasted Fedoras, and a really great guy whose presence I always enjoyed, whether actual or virtual. He had the true soul of a counselor and healer, usually the first person on SFF.net to respond to bad news with a kind word and bit of encouragement.
My heart goes out to his wife Alexandra and the hundreds or thousands of people who knew him better than I and are diminished by his absence. Goodbye David, you left the party too soon and it will suck without you.

That it took me so long to see this news is a sign I am not spending enough time with my science fiction tribe online. I saw the notice in the obituaries on this months’ Ansible. Here is the note of his passing from Making Light . Here is a shiva blog started apparently for friends and family ot leave their condolences. Here is an old story  from my blog involving David and it being a small world.

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One thought on “David Honigsberg, RIP”

  1. I too heard about the news long after it happened and am sad to hear it.

    Moving to the midwest to pursue our project has taken a huge toll on contact with old friends.

    David and Alexandra have always been two of the most pleasant people in fandom, both in and out of conventions.

    So many good things pass away while we are looking in another direction, only to be sorely missed when we look back.

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