Gentle Readers in the Wild

Here’s one from the “holy crap” file. I was watching the episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations set in his childhood home of New Jersey. At one point, they were in the strip club that you see as the Bada Bing on the Sopranos. While Tony is doing the voiceover and a young lady is grinding on the pole, the music you hear in the background is “How Low” by the Gentle Readers. I shit you not. I rewound it on the DVR, cued up the song in my iTunes and did a head to head comparison. I wasn’t dreaming it, they really used it. Neat, no?

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One thought on “Gentle Readers in the Wild”

  1. Mark Forman says:

    Oh cool-I saw that episode-it was a fun one. This is one of my favorite programs(they show on Taiwan cable channel) and Bourdain cracks me up because he reminds me so much of certain guys I knew growing up in Brooklyn(the kind that used “carbona not glue”, like the Ramones song).

    Heh-fun moment to share 🙂

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