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For some time, the RSS feeds at Ourmedia were broken. I saw this from doing cleanup on non-responsive feeds at AmigoFish as well as at my own vlog. It had been in the back of my mind to email JD Lasica and ask him if this was temporary, permanent or what was up. Over the weekend, miraculously they all sprang back to life. I guess it was the right weekend for the RSS to rise from the dead. I got a bunch of media from feeds that had been sitting lifeless in my podcatcher.

I missed out on videoblogging week 2007. Last year, I at least managed one video in the seven days. In fact, I haven’t published a video since that one. Yowza, I need to get on the stick. If and when I finally do another one, it will be good to know that Ourmedia is working again.

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  1. JD Lasica says:

    Hey, Dave, our code was too messed up so the feeds were dragging the site down. But Ourmedia.org is working again, and we’ll be “relaunching” the site sometime in the next week. Some nice enhancements afoot, stay tuned!

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