Politics in a Small Town

I’m still pissed off that a year and a half before the next presidential election, half of all the news I hear is about jockeying in this race. It’s manufactured by those who make money off news, which not coincidentally is where the vast majority of those grotesquely large fund raising war chests will go. Media companies and the candidates are locked in this weird embrace, not quite symbiotic but more mutually parasitic. This is what Gerry Spence is on about lately, how the relaxed media ownership rules and relaxed political requirements of media companies make true democracy impossible. What we end up is something like an oligarchy, where a handful of media owners and a handful of rich Americans work together to make sure only the richest citizens are truly represented.

Living in a state with an early primary, we’re getting an eyeful of this sad process. John McCain and Sam Brownback have both spoken at places so close to my house I could walk there. Barack Obama was about 40 miles away yesterday. I took a phone poll yesterday that was all about democratic issues, but I got the vibe that maybe the poll was commissioned by Obama’s people. I can’t cite specifics but something about it felt like that. It was boring and I was tempted to hang up but I wanted to get my datum in there where I feel about the issues. On a scale from 0 to 10, I gave a 0 to all the questions about “how important is faith to you in this election?” If there is one thing I don’t like about Obama, it is the incessant chiding about our faith and values.

A lot of the questions were framed about “restoring moral values in our country” which seemed tilted to me, because it came from the perspective that moral values have been eroded generally. I think most people in this country do not have moral values that are in question. That is reserved for the handful of people that think torturing people to get useless information is a worthwhile pursuit, that the only way to preserve our liberty is to reduce our liberty, that risking the lives of our fighting men and women while systematically siphoning the treasury into the hands of military contractors is the way of the future, and that rebuilding Baghdad is more important than rebuilding New Orleans. Those sons of bitches have morals that are questionable as to whether they exist and they need a long time out of government to contemplate that.

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4 thoughts on “Politics in a Small Town”

  1. We were told the point of the wars was to protect Americans from terrorism yet we kill ourselves all the time and we die in car accidents and we die of medical conditions. It would seem that death isn’t the fear but who kills us.

    When we suspect an American of killing us, we do not drop bombs on his neighborhood yet that is what we are doing in other countries.

    I used to blame the politicians; not any more. I blame the millions of people who voted for them, and I blame the people who volunteered to fight in the wars. There is no glory in killing people. This is not defense. It’s about being macho.

  2. AND those who think that government-provided health care and government-provided education are panacea.

    -@tiltededge: you’re probably venting and I understand. but remember, when we suspect an American of murder, we apply the law. For example, with Timothy McVeigh. He was tried and convicted according to the law and now he will never kill any of us again. It’s not the same as international conflict.

  3. We are sick and tired of hearing that National Health care is a form of socialism and therefore it is communism and doomed to fail. I take it you would like to do away with the public school system and social security. That would be pure capitalism. Is that what you want grayarea? What about about the highway system? That is made by the government. Your logic befuddles me.

    We have plenty of unsolved conflicts. Dropping bombs is only an option on countries we hate. No matter how big the disagreement, we will not be bombing the UK or Italy although you suggest that since we don’t have jurisdiction there, it would be legal for us to do so.

  4. i suggested nothing of the kind. i simply pointed out that the correlation between due process for our citizens and that for international conflict was an apples-to-oranges comparision.

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