I received an email inviting me to join Techdispenser. I was skeptical but I followed the link. At that page currently, there is nothing but an application form that requires your address and information about your site and traffic numbers. From the email:

Introducing Tech Dispenser—Computerworld’s technology blog network and news aggregator powered by the “Human Algorithm”—launching later this month.

As an active technology blogger, we’d like to invite you to participate in our beta network. What’s in it for you? Traffic and Revenue! We’ll highlight links and excerpts of your posts on and send visitors back to your site to read the full post. All you have to do is place our ad module on your site and the net revenue generated from these ads will be spilt 50/50 between Computerworld and you. is different from the bot-powered landscape of news aggregators, because a real-life human reviews every potential network site and chooses every piece of content we highlight.

Dear god, they offer both Traffic and Revenue! A real-life human reviews the site? Wowie kazowie. Computerworld, you magnificent bastards. How could I possibly decline such a preternaturally compelling offer? My loins burn at the thought of inserting your ad module into my willing web page. Mmmmmmmm, baby.

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