Tropical Possum Night

Tropical Possum Night

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We heard scritching in the attic a few days ago, and I went up with a flashlight and saw a possum in the corner. We got a cage trap, and baited it with tuna. Tonight I saw that it had been tripped and that some of the tuna was gone. Because of the way it was closed, I figured that the little possum might have been able to squeeze out. I redid the closing back brackets a different way and reset it.

About an hour later, we heard a big bang from the attic. I checked, and sure enough we had trapped the little booger. We drove him down by the river and let him go in the woods. At least we tried to. It took several minutes from the point the cage was opened to get the thing to actually leave. Finally it did go and went tearing off.

We went home and just for good measure reset the trap. I didn’t really expect to catch anything else. Five minutes later, we caught another one! We took it back to the same spot and let it go. Even now we can hear another one up there, so this might be a long night of shuttling possums back and forth to the woods.

Update: PS – it wasn’t until I got home and looked at this photo that I realized I let the possum go right in a patch of poison ivy. I’m lucky I didn’t get any on me.

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11 thoughts on “Tropical Possum Night”

  1. Maybe it’s the same possum, holding on to the bottom of the car back to the house, running back up into the roof and into the trap again 😉

  2. I checked the trap this morning, and there was a third one in there. This is becoming a second career.

    The picture is of the first one which was the smallest of the three. It was kind of cute in a way, and the little one was by far the most ferocious. The other two just moped off.

  3. Andre, I did my best to keep them still in Conway, just not near my house. Dang son, I just read about you in the Weekly Surge!

    Ken, it’s not really any more trouble this way than killing them. You still have to get rid of them one way or the other, and alive they can go on their own steam.

    Garrick, we had a lot of critters in Evanston too. There were rabbits in our backyard. We’ve lived in country farmhouses, but in Evanston is the one place our dog got skunked.

    Who knew that my post about a possum would light up the comments like this?

  4. Great picture!

    That’s not actually poison ivy though. Trust me, I know what it looks like, that’s not it. It doesn’t have that fine sawtooth edge, and the leaves spread in triplets.

  5. Chris, thanks. On further review, you are correct.

    Sharon! Holy cow, nice to see you here. I’m surprised that Chris didn’t mention that. “It’s like two possums in a fruit fight!”

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