Grand Strand Residents and Bloggers, Pipe Up!

Hey there, you residents of the Grand Strand. I’m asking a favor of you. If you do live in the area, leave me a comment on this post. If you also have your own blog, leave the URL to it in the comment, please. This is a one time request, after which you can resume lurking if you like. I got really curious about how many people reading this blog live in this area after I noticed that a recent commentor is the same guy I just read about in the Weekly Surge.

Down in Charleston they do an area specific group blog (which I think was one of the spin offs from the Charleston Uplifter meeting). If we have enough people and interest, I might could set something like that up. I’d need at least some other people to want to get involved before I would commit. The last thing I need is another half-done project. We could also do some periodic blogger get-togethers at the beach. It seems to work for group geek bonding in Charleston.

So, Grand Stranders, please speak up and make yourself known. Thanks.

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7 thoughts on “Grand Strand Residents and Bloggers, Pipe Up!”

  1. Just piping up at your request, Dave!

    Hey man, you mentioned the Weekly Surge. My twin brother Roger Yale is a contributor to that paper.

    Talk to you soon.

  2. Andre was a business partner of mine. One slow day at the office, we Google’d for Grand Strand blogs when we ran across yours. So there’s the connection. Oh yeah, a certain couple you work with lives 2 doors from me.

    Ha ha. It’s a small town, man.

  3. Oh I forgot to mention that the staff photographer for Surge used to be an employee of ours. Plus, Andre’s other business partner and myself used to work for The Sun News waaay back in the day. Yeah… small town.

  4. I ran into your blog by accident while googling for a bike shop in Conway. We must live a few blocks apart. I also had the Heavy Metal Thunder moment last year. I thought we were under attack by the black helicopters.

    We moved here from upstate NY two years ago. It seems like heaven, especially in winter.

  5. Thanks all. By my count, that makes 5 of us including me. I think at the very least, we should set up a blog get-together at some eatery/drinkery, and preferably before the bikes and tourists roll into town. I had a suggestion yesterday that the Mexican or southwestern place across from Loyal Thai/Black Thai would be good for that. There is also Bummz for that on the beach appeal. What do y’all think about doing something at 4 PM on a Saturday? That gets us in before it is busy and loud so we can get tables and talk but doesn’t impinge on the rest of the social calendar.

    Chris, thanks. I didn’t know about your Blogspot blog.

    Paul, It is indeed a small town. I talked to MM about this last night. I’d love to sit and hear more of your story. You’re an interesting cat.

    Andre, that’s cool. Welcome to the monkeyhouse!

    George, nice little part of town, isn’t it? I think it’s even moreso since they moved the library. Even though I’m not from the south I have deep southern sympathizer tendencies, so it’s easy for me to believe this is heaven compared to upstate NY. It must be compared to Massachusetts too, because every fifth person in Conway has that thick Boston accent.

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