Two More Possums

Two More Possums

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The possum fun continues. The trap went off this morning and I had caught two of the damn things at once. At least this spares me one drive to the river. I don’t know how many more of these things there are up there, but this makes it five so far. I sure wish I could figure out where they are coming from.

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3 thoughts on “Two More Possums”

  1. have you looked inside any roof openings (attic fan, ventilation louvers, etc.) you may have? i had to fight rats a couple of times this winter and found that they clawed thru the mesh inside an exhaust hood and thru a crawl space relief vent.

  2. Hi Mom! Well, biologically speaking, sure but I’m with Gray in looking for a more structural approach. They had to get in the first time somehow, and I’d like to find that spot and fix it. This weekend I’ll make a tour of the roof and the eaves and chimney’s and such to see if I can find the breach.

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