Another Big Weekend in the Grand Strand

Once again, we had a big weekend. Actually, it was all yesterday. Today consists of sitting on the couch watching the Braves at the Rockies.

First up, we went to the grand opening of a new art gallery in Murrels Inlet, ID Studios. That was a fun time, with a guitar and standup bass duo playing, lots of great art and sculpture. It is mostly the work of Marina Hearle, the artist who runs it. They also have work from Eastern European artists and a few odd pieces, like a giant tapestry done by Roy Lichtenstein. We’re thinking about getting at least one piece from there eventually.

After that, we did a little shopping at Inlet Square Mall since we were right there. After that, we went to Huntington Beach state park where we walked on the causeway and looked that the birds and the alligators that were sunning themselves. When we had a fill of gators, we went and laid on the beach for a while and then got some dinner at Prosser’s BBQ. Since Vittle’s up the street closed, we didn’t have a good place for that good southern fried food buffet. We’d been by but never eaten at Prosser’s and we liked it. After getting a bellyfull we did a little more shopping at Coastal Grand Mall and got coffee’s at Dunkin Donuts at the beach before heading home. It was quit a day, leaving home in the early afternoon and not getting home until fairly late in the evening.

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