My Lunch Hour

My Lunch Hour

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Today at lunchtime I had to run some errands that already took me near the beach. I figured while I was that direction I should just take my lunch with me. Add a beach blanket and the recent biography of Will Eisner and you got you a good noontime. Because I was only out there about 35 minutes, I didn’t need to deal with sunscreen or get all greasy. I walked on the beach for a few minutes, got out in the water and then piled up on the blanket to eat, lay out and dry.

The big downside of this activity is that it is really hard to leave the beach and go back to work.

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3 thoughts on “My Lunch Hour”

  1. A Subway sandwich and a can of Coke and you say you are “truly living the life”. Hmmm. If thats living the life then I’m not in any rush to head back to S Carolina any time soon! Plus that sticky sweaty summer weather you get on the east coast, well all I can say is the west coast rocks and I’m happy as all heck that I’m out here in the Pacific Northwest. Nice dry comfortable weather. I’m done with the east coast. The water is way too cold out here though. Even California. I lived in Florida for a year. Now that is nice warm swimming water down there. I’ll never move back east though, no way.

  2. Tom, I lived in Portland for three years. If your characterization of it is “nice dry weather” then I think you might be insane. I like to visit like I did last fall but I’d never go back to live. I prefer it where I am now. Each to their own.

  3. Ah yes, quite. Of course I do mean the summer weather which is such a pleasant change for me after ten years of Boston’s sticky summers. Of course I would never mean to say Portland is a dry climate, not at all!

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