RIAA Gets Everyone’s Money

Correspondent Derek sent me this link to a story about how Sound Exchange (aka, the RIAA) collects webcasting money for every artist even the ones that have nothing to do with the RIAA. That is to say, the RIAA will collect money for every song that is ever webcast from here on out, whether or not the artist is one with a relationship with them. If you are an artist, you have to actually go ask them for the money. If you never do, they keep it. This stinks to high heaven.

In related news, I saw an article about how well the RIAA is doing its job. Nothing to do with lobbying, but their real primary business, drawing heat away from the member labels. Pretty much everyone hates the RIAA and about everything they ever do. However, when you hate the RIAA brand, you aren’t hating Sony, Warner Bros, Universal, BMG, Elektra, Arista, Capitol, et al. Don’t forget that when you hate the RIAA, you hate all these labels. Vote with your wallets.

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