Robert’s PodCamp NYC Disc

Robert’s PodCamp NYC Disc

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Robert Harvey was handing out these labeled blank CDRs to people at PodCamp NYC. Check out the text on the disc. Very cool stuff. I’m very proud to be in this company.

Photo posted with permission.

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  1. He asked for forgiveness, not permission. However, neither was necessary. The show and the website are Creative Commons licensed but you don’t even need that much for this. It’s not even my logo, just the URL. It’s a matter of public record, so putting on something is not a permission situation, no matter what the thing is. All of this is beside that point that it is a good thing for me to have my URL floating around out there.

  2. I think the case looks very cool and agree it’s great promotion no matter what. Happy that PodCamp NYC provided a good place to pass it out.

    John C. Havens
    Lead Organizer,

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