Matt Feazell, Comics Madman

I’ve recently started listening to the Indie Spinner Rack comics podcast. It’s hit or miss so I’m not completely sure I’m going to stick with it for the long haul. I did go through and pick out a few old shows I was interested in, and today I listened to their interview with Matt Feazell. If you aren’t familiar with him, Feazell was a pioneer in mini-comics. His flagship title is Cynical Man, but he has a whole slew of characters. I have a few of his comics, and I have liked him and his work for over 20 years now. He used to come to comic conventions around the south. It seemed like he was always popular, with lines of people waiting to buy his works and talk to him.

Mini-comics guys have an easy path to winning my heart, for the same reasons I always talk about. They are guys who create, take control of it, distribute it and do it all themselves. I appreciate the urge that says “I’m going to run off these photocopies and fold them up and staple them. Hey look, I’m a publisher!” This is the same thing that makes me like DIY punks, Subgeniuses, Makers, Crafters, podcasters and anyone else who sits down and does whatever work floats their particular boat. Right on.

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