Roller Derby Lives!

You might flash back to 1959 with this one, but roller derby is alive and well in the Grand Strand. This Sunday, we’ll be headed out to the rink to see the Palmetto State Roller Girls bout against the Reedy River Roller Girls. The bout is at 7:30 just north of Conway, so if you are interested in this kind of action, come out and support the girls. Let’s rumble, ladies!

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3 thoughts on “Roller Derby Lives!”

  1. That’s awesome! I had heard nothing about Roller Derby in years. And I saw a match years ago on TV, with the Bay Area Bombers, and a team I can’t remember now, where there were no faked fights, protests, and chair throwing. It was fast moving, intense, and quite exciting.


  2. we just saw the Reservoir Dolls vs. Quad Squad and then the Vaudeville Vixens vs. Unholy Rollers in madison last weekend. i’d never been to a roller derby before but the scene seems to be alive and well.

  3. Ken, This was pretty exciting but not in a TV way. I think the matches I remember from my youth were all banked track, and this was flat track like almost all modern roller derby.

    Drew, that’s cool. I always think of roller derby as the kind of thing that happens in Milwaukee anyway, so you are right in the think of it.

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