Still Living the Life

This is really my favorite time of year here. College has let out for the spring, and so it’s easier for us to say on a Friday night “Hey, let’s get takeout and eat it at the beach.” Which is what we did last night. Myrtle Beach State Park was emptier than you’d expect for a beautiful spring evening, probably due to people avoiding bike week traffic.

Since the last time we’ve been there, they installed these really cool boardwalks that let you walk through the dunes parallel to the beach. It connects together all the bridges over the dunes onto the beach, so now you can walk the full length of the public access area. I really like it. That was already our favorite place to go to the beach and it just got even better.

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  1. I wonder what the net effect of the boardwalk on the dunes is. Does it damage the dunes to construct that through it, and interrupt the ability of the dunes to move around? Or does it help the dunes because people aren’t tramping through them as much?

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