Old Bones Creak Hard

Yesterday was a surprisingly big day for me. After dropping my wife at the airport at the wonderful time of 5 AM, I came home and tried to go back to sleep. That didn’t work, so I played poker for a while and did some audio editing for upcoming interview podcasts. In the early afternoon, I went to Port City Java and hung out with Robert Harvey, the guy who did the silk screen blank CDs at Podcamp NYC.

After that, I went down the street to Coastal Carolina U and played volleyball with some of my coworkers. I hadn’t played volleyball in probably 10 years, maybe longer. I did have a blast, and tried my best to go for it. For a brief moment when I was 20 and in shape, I thought about pursuing beach volleyball as a sport. It’s not that I was good, it’s that I thought it would be a fun thing to do and would make me popular with the ladies. It was cool to go play barefoot in the sand, diving for balls and really trying to make the plays. The first few games, I was terrible but the longer we played the better I got. The big problem was the wind factor. My current state of cardiovascular health is lacking, and that became evident very quickly. Every time the ball would roll off the court and someone had to chase it, I was grateful for the extra 30 seconds of rest. I was at least 10 years older than the next oldest person out there, and today I really feel it. It was fun though, and I’ve been riding the exercise bike every day. Maybe by next time I will be a little better conditioned. And maybe there will be more older guys in the mix to keep the pace manageable.

After that, I decided to go to the beach. Rather than avoid the biker traffic, I embraced it. I was able to go Highway 501 to the 17 Bypass, down 21st Street all the way to that area I always go and easily park on the street. The traffic the whole way was really no worse than any average Saturday, and maybe even less than some big summer days. I walked on the beach, and hung out at Bummz for a beer and a burger and chit-chatted a little with some bikers. After that, I got a Starbucks latte and played Galaga in the ice cream shop next door while I burned off my beer for the drive home.

I spent a little while sitting on Ocean Boulevard watching bikes roar past. I had the CVS camcorder with me, and decided to set it up and just shoot raw video of bikes driving. I have two long continuous shots, and I’m thinking about just putting titles on them and posting them to my vlog feed otherwise unedited. While my video was shooting, I talked a little with some other bikers out on the street. One of them was talking to his buddy about these Yamahas (I think) that are now being styled more like Harleys. I told them I was surprised that maybe 20% of the bikes I was seeing riding around were Japanese, and that the stereotype is that the Harley guys hate them. He said that in his opinion that was just a stereotype and didn’t reflect reality. It made me think that my earlier comments about the Harley riders being older because of the price is probably incomplete, because the other aspect is that being older they are more about a different experience. Being able to go from 0 to 150 MPH in 12 seconds isn’t their primary consideration, and the experience they want is not best served by a Ninja.

All told, it was a fun day. I had certain productivity levels set for myself to achieve in this week alone in the house, and I didn’t really move that ball down the field at all yesterday. It was a lot of fun though and helped recharge the batteries. Today, I’m all business. Except for the cookout I’m going to later. After I get back, it will be all business again. Expect a podcast later today, maybe even a vlog too. Although I won’t post more than one a day, I might even do several of each tonight. Crazy!

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One thought on “Old Bones Creak Hard”

  1. Chris C. says:

    Back in the early/mid 90’s there was a period that I entertained the idea of get a cruiser bike. I was working around lots of blue-collar union labor guys at various nuke power plants around the country, and those Harley’s they had lined up on the parking lot were just gorgeous. Of course, I realized that I was really just another yuppie boy trend hopping wannabe and got over it. But along the way I did notice how Yamaha and Honda and others all were muscling in on the cruiser market.

    Occasionally I’ll think about renting a bike for a day, since that’ll probably satisfy my jonesing for the experience (if it doesn’t kill me) but apparently you can only rent a bike in Georgia if you’ve gone through some extra onerous drivers licensing steps. A good policy, that, somewhat out of place in modern Georgia 🙂

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